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Quitclaim Deed and Domestic Partner
Domestic Partner, Quitclaim Deed, & Mortgage . He wants me to sign a quit claim deed but refuses to refinance and our lender won't take me . I have no right to occupy or rent out the property? if I do sign the quit claim deed and he dies w/out .

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Reverse mortgage with one spouse under 62
Can the Younger Spouse Obtain a Quit-Claim Deed? . Trust, Reverse Mortgage Benefits, Reverse Mortgage Refinance, and the reverse mortgage .

Can One File a Quit Claim Deed Without Refinancing the Mortgage ...
Quitclaim deeds are legal documents often used between spouses or . think that once a quitclaim is filed, then the property must also be refinanced if the mortgage . or unless the spouse retaining the mortgage note has excellent credit and a healthy . Can a Quit Claim Deed Signed by Owners Be Filed After Their Death?

Should I sign quitclaim during refinance as a married spouse ...
Jan 31, 2009 . Should I sign quitclaim during refinance as a married spouse? . would remain but that I would have no personal obligation for the mortgage. . of another attorney's case where the transferee died without ever deeding back.

Mortgage Options While Going Through a Divorce | LoanSafe
Jul 20, 2010 . Does a quitclaim deed remove my responsibility for the mortgage? . from claiming his shares after his death which can be avoided through an . Having one spouse refinance the mortgage into their name only is another very .

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How to Take My Name Off the Title Deed to Refinance |
Explain that you want to refinance your mortgage, but that the deed is in both your . a quit claim deed, can be executed, which will convey to your partner your 50 . Your closing attorney will have the quit claim drafted and will have you sign and . house will insure that your daughter inherits your home upon your death.

Ask The Mortgage Guru: Using Quitclaim Deed to add spouse to title ...
Mortgage & Real Estate Information for Real People -- with NO Sales Pitch! . After we got married, she filed a quitclaim deed to add myself as a co-owner to the house. . In the case of a refinance, title insurance insures clear title up to the date that the new mortgage loan . Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated .

Quitclaim Deed - Mortgage Community
Oct 22, 2005 . A quit claim deed allows you to transfer your share of interest in the . In the mean time, check out our refinance rates! . In a divorce, when an ex-spouse transfers ownership of the property to the other. . Even after transferring a property through quitclaim, you can have the right to stay there till your death.

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