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Can I lower my student loan interest rate? - Wells Fargo - The ...
Feb 26, 2009 . Hi there, I have about 22k in a self student loan that I would like to refinance (as would my mom since she's a co-signer) but I've tried with both .

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Refinancing My Student Loans
Refinancing your student loans can help lower your monthly payments and save you money. Learn more about refinancing student loan debt on this website.

Student Loan Debt Relief - Refinancing My Student Loans
If your Federal student loans will not cover the expense of your tuition, you will need a to get loans from a private lender. Here are some helpful tips for choosing .

Can you refinance student loans after consolidation? - Yahoo! Answers
Jan 15, 2007 . I was told that I could not do this because I had already consolidated my student loans and you would not refinance without consolidation.

How Can I Refinance My High Interest Student Loan? | Home ...
Taking on student loans while at college can seem like Monopoly money. These loans are relatively easy to apply for, but harder to pay back once you finish .

Federated - Can I refinance my student loan?
Generally, the standard repayment option for student loans involves a fixed monthly payment for a 5- to 10-year term. With increasing tuition costs, however, .

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Direct Consolidation Loans - Welcome!!!
Borrowers can apply online for consolidation of their federally insured student loan debt. The Higher Education Act (HEA) provides for a loan consolidation .

Student Loan Refinancing
By using student loan refinancing, you can consolidate student loans and get one low . Learn more about student loan refinancing here. . Discuss in my forum .

Student Loan Refinance
Jan 26, 2008 . Somehow, I managed to refinance my rather large student loans in 2003 at a fixed 3.5% with a comfortable amortization, meaning that the real .

Should I pay for child's student loans by refinancing my mortgage ...
Refinancing a mortgage is a great way to reduce monthly payments and save some cash. If refinancing more than one needs to pay off an original mortgage, .

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