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A Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Refinancings
Aug 27, 2008 . The answers to these questions will influence your decision to refinance your mortgage. But before deciding, you need to understand all that .

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When to refinance your mortgage
As mortgage rates plunge, it becomes more tempting to refinance. Find out if such a move makes sense for you.

Refinance | Savings from Refinancing Calculator by
Will you save by refinancing your mortgage? Deciding whether to refinance a mortgage is all about the numbers. Whether you're seeking a lower monthly .

Refinancing Right: Refinance Rates & Mortgage Refinance Quotes
When should you consider refinancing? An old rule of thumb was to wait until mortgage rates dropped 2% below your existing rate. But while a drop in market .

Refinance Mortgage, How To Refinance A Mortgage - Yahoo! Real ...
Refinance Mortgage Center. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT REFINANCING YOUR CURRENT LOAN. Sponsored by: Refinance Mortgage. FEATURED .

CIS: Why should I refinance?
Why should I refinance and when does it pay to do so? There are several reasons to refinance your home: To lower the interest rate on your mortgage, reducing .

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Refinance Your Mortgage: 5 Really Good Reasons | Zing Blog by ...
Dec 16, 2010 . There are times when it makes sense to refinance your mortgage. It's important to have a clear objective so you're able to choose the most .

Refinance Your Mortgage - Wells Fargo
Refinance your mortgage with Wells Fargo. Get a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, or convert to a fixed rate loan.

A Battle Plan for Refinancing Your Mortgage -
May 20, 2009 . There has rarely been a better time to refinance your home, but the process has never been more difficult. Here's what you need to know before .

Refinancing Your Mortgage - BusinessWeek
Dec 6, 2008 . We talk to a mortgage expert on the pros and cons of refinancing in today's market.

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