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Banks Don't Intentionally Overcharge Credit Card Customers…Or ...
Oct 3, 2009 . Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated . who trusted my bank and didn't bother to check the interest calculation. . But, the overcharge on one credit card bill made me wonder; could we be .

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When You Are Over Charged On Your Credit Card
Credit Cards - Compare Credit Card Offers at CreditorWeb . canceled, and any interest charged due to that purchase will also be refunded to your credit card.

Credit Protector or Debt Creator?-Credit Protector Inequities Exposed
Solutions MUST include Refunds. Please join my Credit Card Protest at DAILY- . In my opinion, refunding 80 to 85% of what has already been paid into Credit Protector, plus accrued interest charges on the overcharges is the .

Credit Card Refund Rules |
Credit card refund rules vary depending upon the entity that offers the card, but . interest on the purchase, unless the refund is issued before the next credit . a refund to your credit card if they believe you are correct in your overcharge claim.

What If I Was Overcharged on My Credit Card? |
If you are overcharged on your credit card, you will need to dispute the . Just as you would receive a refund if you purchased something with cash or a debit .

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Why Was My Card Overcharged for My Bar Tab? Will it Get Refunded?
Mar 3, 2009 . Understanding how credit card preauthorization works can prevent . best interests of the establishment to keep open tabs running throughout .

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Credit Card Companies
Below are summaries of class action lawsuits filed against major credit card banks. . When two payments were received late, they increased the interest rate 10 full . for as much as $200.00 as a refund for Providian's billing overcharges.

Lawriter - ORC - 169.01 [Effective Until5/13/2012] Unclaimed funds ...
(e) Otherwise indicated an interest in or knowledge of such funds; . unidentified remittances, nonrefunded overcharges, discounts, refunds, and rebates; . (d) Any credit due a retail customer that is represented by a gift certificate, gift card, .

Tesco gets a little help with its credit card interest calculations ...
Dec 10, 2010 . Paying too much interest on your Tesco credit card? . their mis-pricing (hence my being overcharged) not delayed me I would not have got the ticket. . We challenged them and they did not want to refund the interest until we .

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