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Loan Discharge - Student Aid on the Web
It's possible to have your student loan debt discharged (canceled) or reduced, . Loans only: Your school owes your lender a refund, forged your signature on a .

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Cancel or Discharge a Loan - Federal Student Aid Ombudsman ...
Student loans may be discharged if you have a TPD. . The doctor's signature may be either an original or a photocopy, but may not be a stamp. You will . will also review your eligibility for refund of payments made after the date of disability.

American Education Services - Discharge Programs
Your federal education loan debt may qualify for loan discharge if the loan was issued . False Certification (Unauthorized Signature/Unauthorized Payment) Loan . you will not owe any more payments on the loan and you will get a refund for the . Your lender may discharge your federal student loan debt if your school .

07/01/97 11006 TUITION-UNDERGRADUATE 11180
Jul 1, 1997 . Institutional Student Loan entrance counseling must be complete . Student Name (Refund Checks will be Made Payable to the Student): . Parent name and signature is required if student's account has PLUS loan credited .

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Student Loan Discharge & Forgiveness
Under certain circumstances, all or a portion of your federal student loan debt may . Unpaid Refund Application PDF . Unauthorized Signature Application PDF .

Student Account Credit Balance Refund Request
Faxed requests will not be processed as original signatures are required. . understand that a student loan is a debt that must be repaid once I leave school or .

Return of Loan Funds Request Form Office of Financial Aid ...
on my Alternative loan. A refund has been generated, and I have enclosed the original refund check, or a Cashier's Check for this amount. Student's Signature: .

Student Loan Discharge (Cancellation)
A Loan Discharge cancels all of your remaining student loan balance under . owes your lender a refund, has forged your signature on a promissory note, or has .

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